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Post-Aliyah Questionnaire

(NOTE: If you have not yet made Aliyah and still live in the diaspora,
please fill out the Pre-Aliyah Questionnaire.)
Service Eligibility After Making Aliyah
The general criteria for full access to the Aliyah Job Center databases are that:
  • You have made Aliyah within the last 12 months
  • You acquired Israeli Citizenship within the last 12 months
Immigrants who have been in Israel more than 12 months - and who wish to receive employment assistance should  approach: The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption 
Please DO NOT fill in this questionnaire if you have previously been given a login/password.
Instead if you have a question please send an email to:
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*First Name
*Last Name
*Aliyah Status
*Teudat Zehut
(Israeli ID)
*Date of Aliyah
*Date of Birth
*Country of Origin
*Where do you live?
(Nearest town in Israel)
*Main Language
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*How did you hear about
the Aliyah Job Center?
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