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Pre-Aliyah Questionnaire

(NOTE: If you have already made Aliyah and currently live in Israel,
please fill out the Post-Aliyah Questionnaire.)
Service Eligibility Before Making Aliyah
The general criteria for full access to the Aliyah Job Center databases are that: 
  • You have started the Aliyah process via your local Shaliach or our Global Center
  • You are entitled to make Aliyah under the "Law of return" ("Zakaut")
  • You have a known Aliyah date within the next 6 months
The Jewish Agency for Israel - Aliyah Job Center is a limited program
Our services does not extend to "all immigrants" or to returning residents ("Toshvim Chozrim") - but rather to those "very recent" (first year in Israel) and "soon to be" immigrants as described above.
Please DO NOT fill in this questionnaire if you have previously been given a login/password.  Instead if you have a question please send an email to:
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*Passport #
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*Planned Aliyah date
*Date of Birth
*Country of Residence
*How are you planning to make Aliyah?
*Have you been in touch with your local Aliyah Shaliach?
*Have you been in touch with our Global Center?
*Main Language
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*How did you hear about
the Aliyah Job Center?
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