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Job Opportunity:

Marketing Person

Posted   Oct 27  
Entry Number   88467  
Job Title   Marketing Person  
Job Description   We are looking for:

- An Olea Hadash
- language: English & French
- In Tel Aviv
- Temporary part time job around the clock
- Talking many hours over the phone

We are the owner of a luxury building in Tel Aviv. We would like to outreach to the Jewish Community outside of Israel and to promote 6 luxury apartments and mainly the Huge-Duplex- Penthouse.

What do we need from you?

We have all kind of marketing channels in Israel. Now we would like promote it to the Jewish community outside. And…. Yes we know you are not a real estate professional. It is ok for us in this phase. Do not worry.

Your tasks:

1- Developing relationship with the RELEVANT local Jewish Community leaders via the local Jewish Agency Shlichim, Economical Consuls, Rabbis, journalists, leaders, community professional employs, partnerships and many more.
2- Mapping and understanding the local community and the people, focusing on the potential buyers / local real-estate agents whom promote Israeli real-estate.
3- Locate in each community the Point Of Contact (or a few of them) that specialized in Israeli Real Estate.
4- Locate all year round and current Real Estate fairs in each community.
5- Developing relationship with the 10 most strong / important people in the community and learn from them what the best way to promote is.
6- Buy mane lists with addresses of the relevant people in the community.
7- Sending daily personal emails or a letters to these lists.
8- Calling all of them personally and follow up daily.
9- Developing relationship with the local Jewish newspapers.
10- Locating here in Israel the Point Of Contact (or a few of them) that specialized in Israeli Real Estate to the diaspora's communities.
11- And more things that will come up.

The relevant Jewish communities that we intend to outreach:
Belgian, France, UK, Italy, Germany, South America, South Africa, Russia, USA,

Work Time Frame:

In General - 5 hours a day. 5 days a week. 3 months.
Most of the work is calling abroad so it might be in the evening time.
It can be a few hours a day, or all day long. The frame of work hours can be flexible.
It can be done from our office (82 Begin rd. Tel Aviv) or not. From 2nd month you can work from home etc.
Here at our office you can have a desk + computer + phone + email + office support etc.
Bottom line, you work by yourself.
It can be everyday or not.
BUT, we need it to start ASAP.

Payment per hour. 100 hours per month. Let us know your price per hour.
Operational Sector   Real Estate & Housing  
Region   Center  
Town   Tel Aviv  
Tenure   Afternoon Work; Evening Work; Flexible Work Hours; Hourly Rate; Part Time; Temporary Work  
Language(s)   English; French  

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This job has expired.

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