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eWave MD

Sector(s)   Consulting Services; Customer Care & Service; Delivery, Distribution & Shipping; Domestic/Home Care; Fitness, Leisure & Sports; Hi-Tech/Technology/IT; Insurance; Medical & Healthcare; Pharmaceutical; Quality Control & Assurance; Sales & Marketing; Science – Biotech, Chemical, Physics; Small Business, Commerce & Trade; Start-Up; Technical/Content Writing & Marcom; Telemarketing & Call Centers  
Contact Name   Talor Sax  
Phone   054-2223575  
Postal Address   Kibbutz Glil Yam  
Country   Israel  
Post/Zip Code   4690  

eWave MD is part of the eWave group, a leading provider of software solutions delivering business benefits to customers. eWave is a private group of approximately 200 experts, operating in the USA, Europe, South America and Israel with proven experience serving an extensive group of customers, in mid-size and large corporations.

Healthcare IT expertise.

After years of working closely with international, as well as Israeli healthcare organizations, a group specializing in healthcare IT branched out from eWave and formed the company known today as eWave MD. The new group possesses the advantages which evolved from years of specializing in healthcare IT. Their broad knowledge base in web application design and development ensures that all future advancements will be made in with cutting edge standards and practices.

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