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Miku Media

Sector(s)   Internet/E-Commerce  
Contact Name   Natasha  
Country   Israel  

Internet Start Up Company. Web Design, Development, SEO.

We are a team of web designers, programmers, coders, copy writers, marketing specialists, and successful entrepreneurs who've come to together to apply our skills to providing complete web services for our clients.

The idea was very simple and straight forward when we came to it. We had for years been developing a knowledge and skill base that we had applied to developing our own online businesses.

We began to realize the potential of the vast network of skilled employees we'd brought into the fold, and of the knowledge we'd built up. Eventually the very skills that had made us so successful as online entrepreneurs became the business itself.

We've learned that without a measured, informed approach to developing your online business you don't stand a chance among the millions of internet entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to succeed. That is the service we provide

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