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Sector(s)   Fitness, Leisure & Sports  
Contact Name   Orit Grober  
Job Title   Executive secretary  
Phone   972-3-5467828  
Fax   972-3-5467619  
Postal Address   53 Pinkas St. Tel-Aviv  
Country   Israel  
Post/Zip Code   62261  
Profile   Meditrac was established in 1992 by company founders Dr. Ludwig Stabholz and Dr. Arieh Grober, based on updating the traditional concept of traction. Meditrac's team of medical researchers and advisors is in the forefront of spine treatment technology. The results of their efforts have led to the development of effective, innovative products, benefiting health care professionals and their patients around the world.

The company developed, patented, and manufactures the Vertetrac system for the non-surgical treatment of the Lumbar spine. Basically, the system is grounded on an innovative concept of combining conservative traction with a horizontal force which enables simultaneous 3D treatment and asymmetrical features.

5 years later, the Vertetrac was upgraded by an additional feature: the DBS rail for treating Scoliosis. By the end of 1999, the company launched its new product – The Cervico2000 for the cervical spine, based on the same concept mentioned above providing neck pain remedy.

The complete line of Meditrac products is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration and carries the CE mark. The company's products offer a revolutionary approach to the treatment of back pain, with the added benefits of rapid recovery and reduced need for sick-days, hospitalization, drugs and surgery. The products have a long history of research publications, including studies on efficacy of treatment and on the mechanism of action.

Currently, Meditrac is offering the new concept of "Traction on the Move & Rehab" which brings the conservative traction methods to new levels by promoting rapid healing and rehabilitation. Our unique, portable devices allow physical activity as an integral part of the treatment, which enhances blood circulation, restoration of flexibility, in-addition to improving psychological well-being. Meditrac operates two unique and modern Spine Clinics in Israel. These clinics are two of many from around the world that have been using Meditrac Products since 1992 with huge experience and success.
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