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Will I find a job in my profession in Israel?

The answer depends upon your profession, and upon your attitude.

Israel is a very well developed country albeit in middle eastern culture, and most people will find that their professional and vocational skills are quite marketable here as well.


In most cases you will need to upgrade your skills in Hebrew and/or Israeli-specific tasks to meet local working conditions.


Flexibility will be your greatest asset, and sometimes the best way to break into your profession in Israel is to take a first job that doesn’t exactly match what you are seeking, and use this as a stepping stone to transition to the profession and position that you really want.


A dual approach is often best, setting short-term and medium/long term objectives. Of course the dream of anyone looking for work is to find the perfect job quickly, but that frequently isn't what happens even for native Israelis, so new immigrants need to be especially realistic and systematic.




In order to earn money, get Israeli job experience, improve language skills, and keep motivated, it is important to start working as quickly as possible. Therefore it is worthwhile to search for any type of temporary employment, even part-time, to satisfy all of these goals while still leaving time to search for a more relevant job Internet sites/newspapers can be one source of such jobs, but speaking with friends/acquaintances and even looking at signs in stores also will increase your chances of securing employment.




The main approach is networking, in order to gain access to the hidden job market: those jobs (more than half) which are never publicly advertised.


To secure such work, it is critical to speak with as many relevant people as possible.


The second aspect of this search is to identify your transferable skills, in order to increase their possibility for different jobs by widening the availability jobs you may be qualified for.


This can be quite a challenging exercise and we recommended you start by brainstorming and also asking your peer group/close family what they see as your greatest assets, skills and talents. Once there is a better understanding of these collective elements different jobs and potential employers can be targeted.


This then puts into motion the networking process to identify knowledgeable and connected people to speak with, in order to learn about job openings, skills that might be lacking, specific methods for finding work in these fields.


Everyone has a network of people they can use, the people you studied with, your friends, your family; all of whom can also serve as the basis for a job search network. Ultimately the networking has to be done by you; however your Employment Advisor can also be a helpful resource to connect you with people that you may not be able to access directly by yourself.


The difference between the medium-term and long-term search is that often a medium-term search is used to position a person to get the job that they really want (the long-term objective). So, in the medium-term, it can make sense to take a job in a company that is good, even if the job itself is not ideal or to take a job in your profession, but not at a high level, and then work your way up.


By way of an example an accountant who is not yet qualified to practice in Israel can readily find work as a bookkeeper or an accounting clerk.


Only a very small minority of people may have a profession that is only minimally required here or does not exist at all in Israel. In these circumstances a close examination of your transferable skills can lead to new work directions.

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