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Will I need to retrain?

Israel is a developed country, and most people will find that the profession/skills which they possess are marketable in this country as well. 


If your profession doesn’t exist in Israel, and/or you want to learn a new profession, then retraining can be a good option. 


However, it is not the only alternative, as each person has many skills which can be applied to a multitude of professions. 


Nonetheless, a wide range of training courses are available, a number of which are open to new immigrants at greatly subsidized cost.

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North: Verification Engineer. Requirements: At least 7 years experience in Hardware verification, including... Center: Digital Marketing Manager. I'm looking for Digital Marketing Manager with emphasis on strong... North: Soft Wear Engineer. Requirements: 5+ years of experience Good software development skills are... Center: Conversion Optimization Designer. Do you design for conversion? Every website has a goal.... North: Soft Wear Intern. White hat hacker for mobile platform from high level software... Center: Web Strategic Planner & Analyst. Company is looking for the next web analyst that will... North: Front End Engineer for the SoC team. Requirements - VLSI engineer with 7+ years experience. - Experience... Center: SEO Conversion Expert. We’re looking for an SEO manager to join our team... North: Test Engineer. We are looking for a strong and self-motivated test engineer... Center: Lead R&D – C, Go, Ruby. Our Team is looking for an experienced senior software engineer... North: SW Engineer. Join an embedded SW development team responsible for developing tomorrows... North: Back End Engineer. - Develop and implement various DFT designs / techniques .... North: Test Automation Engineer. Requirements: Test Automation Engineer BSc or similar in EE or... Center: Marketing Director. The Marketing Director will be responsible for all marketing activities... North: Slicon Test Engineer. Requirements: 6 years of experience in silicon testing/product engineering Experts... Center: Sr. Front End Developer. We are looking for a front-end engineer that has a... North: Verification Engineer. Requirements: B.Sc in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering At least... Center: Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. Analyzing complex data from multiple sources Detecting problems with the... Jerusalem: Digital Marketing Communication Manager. Create and implement the marcom process to effectively plan promotions,... Center: UI Development Engineer. At least 2-4 year experience in the following: - Extensive...


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