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Does my profession need Israeli certification?


Here is a list of jobs that require Israeli certification. 


·           Accountant

·           Chemist

·           Crane Operator

·           Dentist

·           Driver of Commercial Equipment

·           Driver of Heavy Vehicles

·           Driver of Public Transportation

·           Electrician

·           Garage Manager

·           Gas Worker

·           Insurance Agent

·           Laboratory Technician

·           Lawyer

·           Lifeguard

·           Medical Technician

·           Mohel

·           Nurse

·           Optometrist

·           Pharmacist

·           Physician

·           Psychologist

·           Real Estate Agent

·           Social Worker

·           Speech Therapist

·           Teacher

·           Tour Guide

·           Travel Agent

·           Veterinarian

·           X-Ray Technician


Even without the certification, it may still be possible to work in your field, as in some cases there may be jobs using the same skill sets which do not require certification (although possibly at lower salaries). 

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