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Employment Centers for Olim

Employment Centers for Olim are designed for immigrants - who are not working in one of the  licensed professions or in a related field - in order to assist them in their integration into the job market. This includes developing job-search skills, and the strengthening of professional skills according to need.


Upon the recommendations of a professional team assistance will include:


·           Vocational guidance and assessment

·           Professional Hebrew and terminology

·           Job-placement

·           Professional updating of computer skills or English


Eligibility Requirements


·           Applicants must have at least 12 years of education.

·           Applicants must pass a Hebrew proficiency exam.

·           Applicants must pass an admissions committee.


Period of Eligibility:


10 years from the date of aliyah (15 years for immigrants from Ethiopia.)


Immigrants may participate in an Employment Guidance Center course only once during their period of eligibility, and for a period not exceeding 90 study days.


Referrals to an Employment Center may be issued by the following:


  • Placement Counselors at Centers for the Placement of Professionals and Vocational Advisors at the Labor Exchange.


Participants may also be eligible for assured income (Havtachat Hachnasa) payments based on their personal status.  


The acceptance procedure includes: 


·           Vocational interview

·           Hebrew test

·           Psychometric test


Employment Centers - Contact Information



5 Rehov HaMem Gimmel


Tel: 02-5371186

Fax: 02-5378048




Tel Aviv

116 Derech Menachem Begin

Tel: 03-5614546

Fax: 03-5614868




Kfar Saba

3 Rehov Nativ HaAvot

Tel: 09-7482324

Fax: 09-7482326





25 Rehov HaMossachim

Tel: 04-8723802/3

Fax: 04-8723801




Beer Sheva

7 Rehov Yehoshua HaTzurf

Tel: 08-6272019

Fax: 08-6272011





9 Rehov HaRishonim

Tel: 08-8524015

Fax: 08-8524068




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