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What preparations can and should I make before arrival?

There are many things that can and should be done pre-aliyah in order to be as prepared as possible for the Israel job market, including:
  • Researching if your profession exists, is in demand in Israel, and has any special skills that you don’t have (part of the networking process)
  • Checking whether your professional qualifications need to be validated and accredited in Israel
  • Starting to network
  • Improving your level of Hebrew  - at every opportunity you can
  • Examining your transferable skills - those that can be applied in a wide variety of jobs
  • Subscribing to and searching Israeli newspapers, email lists, aliyah movements or organizations
  • Updating your CV (resume) for the Israel market - If you will be looking for employment in different fields,  make different versions of your CV available. Create a Hebrew version of your CV,  particularly if you will be looking to work in the public sector
  • Arranging letters of recommendation from current/previous employers 
  • Considering a place to live in Israel that will maximise your employment opportunities
  • Considering the option of keeping your current job if appropriate
  • If possible, organizing a pilot trip
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